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"We Live For This Stuff" --Democrats

Jimmy is a pilot. When he was a little boy, he dreamed of flying. He built model airplanes, he went to air shows, and he knows the workings of every single part of an aircraft,

Linda is a veterinarian. She always loved animals. What began as looking after the family dog became a lifelong study of different species, and as a result, she has a thriving practice.

Mike is a Neo-Conservative. Ever since he was little, he dreamed of having piles of money.

For the past six years, whenever Democrats have run for office, they've ignored their strongest argument:

We’re obsessed with how government works.

Democrats grow up dreaming of running departments, cities, states, or even the country—addressing our needs, solving our problems, anticipating how to use government in a positive way.

They have posters, not just of FDR and Martin Luther King, but of Donna Shalala and Leon Panetta.

But Democrats never mention this, tacitly accepting the Neo-con premise: “Government is a negative force, so at least, hire people who hate it to run it.”

This instantly gives the Neo-conservatives the home field advantage. They put the Dems on the defensive: “Prove you won’t give in to terrorists.” “Prove you won’t raise our taxes.”

Democrats need to adopt that saying: “We live for this stuff.”

As in, we love tracking GNP and every other damned statistic in the known universe, fact finding missions that disturb the complacent, finding programs that dissuade youngsters from crime, finding was to seduce hostile foreign governments into backing down, or standing pat; acting as lifeguards or class monitors in some parts of American life.

Make the argument that most of our current problems happened on Bush’s watch, and without the government geeks running things.

The war in Iraq, 9/11 itself, the deficits, the crumbling of our infrastructure, the collapse of our emergency response capabilities, the harshness of our media, the corporate calamities that have decimated pension funds, skyrocketing health care costs—none of these events resulted from too much oversight.

Most of these crises are, at least in part, a result of ideologues ignoring the much maligned bureaucrats—the ones who said,
“the motives, and the numbers don’t add up in Iraq,”
“this flight school, combined with this message we intercepted from bin Laden looks urgently dangerous,”
“FEMA requires professional emergency personnel,”
“the FCC should play a hand in keeping our broadcasting civil and variegated,”
“greed helps drive our economy but you’ve gotta keep an eye on those big companies,”
“it’s ridiculous to give no-bid contracts to pharmaceutical companies,”
and so on.

The anti-government folks have been saying, like me watching “Dancing With the Stars,” “Oh come on! That’s not that hard. I could do that.”

When a Neo-con runs for office, the goal is to win. Once you win, the job is a pain in the neck—that’s why they leave town as soon as they can, for as long as they can. When a Democrat runs for office, the goal is to do the job.

That’s why they campaign differently. A neo-con is free to say, “My opponent is the head of the Osama-Soprano crime family. If you vote for my opponent, fire will rain down from the sky, and your children will explode.” Whatever sounds the scariest.

A Democrat doesn’t have that luxury, because she wants to do the job. That means, once she’s elected, she expects to represent everyone, including the people who voted for her opponent; if she loses, she wants her opponent to represent everyone, including the people who voted for her.

That’s not a concern to the Neo-con. If he wins, the important part is over; the job is torture, because now he has to be part of that awful thing called government. If he loses, he’s off to do something else—he’ll revert to thinking of the government as a big waste of resources.

Now the final point—Democrats say, “Yeah, right, but polls say people hate their government.” Of course they do. It’s inefficient; it’s improvised; it can’t sell off unsuccessful states, the way a corporation would do; it’s slow; and it’s clogged with paperwork filled with doubletalk.

THAT DOESN’T MATTER. People don’t like trash, but they bag it and barrel it, and hire the folks with the trucks and the uniforms and the gloves and hats to take care of it.

Democrats, here’s your argument: Let the people who live for this stuff do this stuff.

I don’t like air travel, but when I fly, I want Jimmy, who lives to fly, for my pilot, not George, who won Open Mike Night at “Giggles” with a bit about in-flight movies.


Blogger THIRD WORLD WAR said...

Kalki Gaur, Editor World Press Club, Washington DC, 9:30 PM, Tuesday, October 31, 2006.
DEMOCRATIC WILSONIAN DECEPTION NEWSPEAK DOUBLETHINK: Democratic Party, Democratic Presidents historically have been past masters in promoting electoral agenda of Deception, Newspeak and Doublethink. Democrats successfully argue Black is White, Evil is Virtue, Bad is Good and scholars call his Newspeak Doublethink as Wilsonian Democratic Deception. Democrats successfully painted the morally good invasions of Iraq for enhancing America’s Energy Security as evil. Democratic Clinton justified the evil invasions of Haiti to impose the rule of Papacy in Haiti as virtue. Clinton invaded Yugoslavia to divert attention from Chinese nuclear thefts revealed by Cox Report, within a week of the Cox Report release. No foreign invasions of Democratic Presidents promoted the national interests of the United States, as they were done to promote Pope’s Christian agenda, including President Truman’s invasion of Korea, President Kennedy’s invasion of Vietnam, Kennedy’s overthrow of Cheddi Chagan government in Guyana, President Carter’s overthrow of Shah of Iran, President Clinton’s invasion of Haiti. On the contrary Republican President Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to militarily promote the imperial agenda of Pax-Americana to create new American Petro-Colonial Empire. Historically Democratic Presidents used American military to promote the agenda of the Pope, which according to Richelieu’s Raison d’etat Realism represented bad diplomacy. On the contrary, President George Bush’s imperial policy in Afghanistan and Iraq and future invasions of Iran, are justified in terms of Machiavellian realism as well as Richelieu’s Raison d’etat Realism and thereby represents what is morally right, virtue and good and promoted the national interests of the United States defined in terms of oil, gas and energy security. Democratic Party does not ever deserve to win the Presidency, White House and Oval Office of the United States. Only Republicans can be trusted with the White House in USA. Republican White House is morally Good, Virtue and Right.
VOTE IMPERIALIST REPUBLICANS: Prefer Good Imperialism to Evil Inquisition Medievalism. Blacks should vote for the Party of Condi-Rice and for the Party of Lincoln not for the Pro-Slavery Democratic Party. If you want America where Church rules then vote Democratic Medievalism. If you want modern expansionist PetroPax Americana then vote Republican Petro-Modernism. Choice is yours. When American voters go to polling booths on November 7, 2006, they can vote either for Democratic Medievalism or for Republican Pax Americana. It is a clear choice. Democratic Party represents Religious Medievalism. Republican Party represents secular Machiavellian Modernism. The Two Party System no longer represents the same wine in differently colored bottles. Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington, Madeleine Albright represent the pro-China patriarchal iconoclast fundamentalist intolerant Axis of Medieval in American Politics that seeks to implement the End of Time eschatology of Prophetic Christians that conducted foreign policy to implement the religious agenda through an alliance with genocidal Islamic terrorism and Communist extremism. George Bush and Condoleezza Rice represent the morally right secular axis of modernity that seeks to implement the Oil agenda through an alliance with nuclear India and via War on Islamic terrorism. The elections of November 2006 and 2006 present to American Voters an opportunity to choose between Medievalism and Modernity. The Congressional Cox Report Jan 1999, details how Democrats allowed the theft of American nuclear technology to China and other countries? Global Axis of Medieval engineered the transfer of nuclear weapon technology to Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia and North Korea to ignite Christian-Islamic Armageddon to fulfill End of Time Eschatology. Democratic Party of 2006 resembles the Civil War era pro-Slavery Party, where Blacks play no significant role in corridors of power. Blacks, Latinos and Immigrants should vote for Party of Black woman secretary Condi Rice. Bill Clinton has kicked out Blacks and Latinos and Immigrants from corridors of power of the Democratic Party in all big States, namely, New York, California and Illinois.
APOCALYPTIC END OF TIME AGENDA OF JIMMY CARTER IS PURE EVIL CORE OF AXIS OF MEDIEVAL: The Reverend Jim Jones of Jonestown fame that caused mass murders in Guyana on November 18, 1978, represents the True face of Democratic President Jimmy Carter (1976-1980). The Axis of Medieval that Jimmy Carter seeks to create the Jamestown Guyana type mayhem in Burma and Nepal. Jimmy Carter represents the smiling face of Evil that lurched in Rev. Jim James of Jamestown Guyana. As a Democratic President Jimmy Carter made United States a laughing stock of the world and he betrayed United States by refusing to attack Iran to liberate American embassy prisoners and now he is conspiring to sabotage Republican President George Bush’s determined effort to tame Iran. Jimmy Carter is the patron-Saint Father of Ayatollahs, Islamic theocracy and Islamic Terrorism. Jimmy Carter was also responsible for the genocide of Buddhists under Catholic Communist Pol Pot of Cambodia. President John F. Kennedy overthrew the democratically elected government of Cheddi Jagan in Guyana, who was of Indian origin. Kennedy-Carter-Clinton Administration belonged to Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy and sought to promote religious interests of monotheism fundamentalism even at the cost of national interests of the United States.
PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER FATHER OF ISLAMIC TERRORISM: President Jimmy created Islamic terrorism and Iranian Shiite Theocracy. President Jimmy carter organized the overthrow of enlightened Shah of Iran and engineered the enthronement of Ayatollah Khomenini. Jimmy Carter sabotaged democratically elected government of Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar and ruled out the transfer of power to Military generals in Iran. The pro-Islamic fundamentalism and anti-Islamic modernization policies put into place by President Jimmy Carter, while he was in office, at behest of Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy laid the Islamic terrorist forces in motion that resulted in Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. President Carter has been the patron saint of Osama Ben Laden and al Qaeda. President carter could be held responsible for 9/11 terrorist attacks. Novice President Clinton appointed the officials of the Carter Secretary of State to first Clinton administration, who conspired to legitimize Islamic terrorism, al Qaeda and Osama Ben Laden. President Carter should be worshipped at Mecca as American Father of Islamic Terrorism, Islamic Theocracy, Al Qaeda and Osama Ben Laden and his likes. The religious right conspiracy that Jimmy Carter presides over could cause more harm to the secular United States than that of his protégé Islamic terrorism. Ideas of Jimmy Carter present greater threat to secular USA than Islamic terrorism.
JIMMY CARTER CREATED ISLAMIC & NORTH KOREAN ATOM BOMB: Ex-President Jimmy Carter is responsible for the North Korean Nuclear explosion by his negotiations with North Korea during Clinton Administration. President Carter cemented the Mecca-Vatican ties that united the forces of extremism and fundamentalism. President Carter was very friendly with the Jones of Guyana that resulted in the massacre of American Christians in Guyana and murder of American lawmaker in the jungles of Guyana. As the leader of Christian religious right conservative conspiracy and patron of Islamic extremism, Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic terrorism and Islamic theocracy, President carter is engaged in implementing the agenda of Apocalyptic End of Time Eschatology Teleology now. If white Western Christian Civilization continue to accept Jimmy Carter as responsible American politician by virtue of his being ex-President then the fate of the Apocalyptic White Christian world would be doomed to the delight of Prophetic Christians as the advice of President Jimmy Carter can only lead to the death of the Christian Civilization as we know it. More than Osama Ben Laden, Christians like Jimmy Carter would cause the Apocalyptic End of White Christian Civilization in not so distant a future. Just as Pope conspired with barbarian invaders to Rome in 415 AD, similarly Democrats like Jimmy Carter conspiring with Islamic terrorism to engineer the descent of New Global Dark Age in Western hemisphere in 21st Century. Secular USA can also fall in 21st Century, just as Roman Empire fell in 415 AD, once religious extremism got control over Roman Empire. Now, the Islamic terrorism and Christian fundamentalism presents the threat to USA, similar to that presented by barbarian invasions of Roman Empire in 415 AD. Christian Fundamentalism might have provided logistic and ideological support to Wahhabi terrorists for 9/11 attacks on secular United States, especially in the ensuing Anthrax attacks. Patriotic WASPs need to be vigilant in ongoing War on Terrorism to ward off dangers of sabotage for Axis of Medievalism. Next time Islamic terrorists will attack United States with Islamic Nukes, to fulfill the Apocalyptic Fatima Prophesy of Armageddon. Prophetic Christians might foolishly join the War of Religions on the side of nuke-armed Islamic terrorism. Patriotic WASPs must take preventive measures to break the emerging Nexus of Islamic terrorism and Apocalyptic Prophetic Christianity.
CARTER AGAINST USA-INDIA NUKE DEAL: President Jimmy Carter is against Indo-US Nuke Deal reported HindustanTimes.com Friday, October 27, 2006. On a visit to India after 28 years, former American President Jimmy Carter saw no threat to Asian peace or world peace from India’s intentions to acquire atomic energy sources to generate power, but is firm that New Delhi ought to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Though he has no authority in government to thwart the deal, Carter does not favor the Indo-US civil nuclear deal because, he said, there is need to discourage testing and development of nuclear weapons and the spread of fissile material. Hastening to add that his concerns were global, not India-specific, Carter said, "any nation with nuclear weapons should be under the NPT. It is my hope that the NPT becomes universally acceptable," said the 82-year-old Nobel laureate, who was severely critical of the US administration’s handling of the North Korean nuclear issue. Carter said he hoped other aspects of the bilateral relationship would not be affected if the Indo-US civil nuclear deal fails to go through the US Congressional process.
JIMMY CARTER IS THE PURE EVIL CORE OF GLOBAL AXIS OF MEDIEVAL IN AMERICAN POLITICS: Jimmy Carter represents the Evil Core of Axis of Medieval Fundamentalism. Wahhabi Al Qaeda represent the Core of Islamic Medievalism. Beijing China represents the Evil Core of Axis of Communist Medievalism. The Pure Evil resides at the Core of the Global Axis of Medievalism that conspiring to descend New Global Dark Age on the world in 21st Century to implement the End of Time Apocalyptic agenda. What one can expect from Jimmy carter who is the Father of Islamic Theocracy, Islamic Terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism? Jimmy Carter is so ludicrous that it is not worth wasting time on him, as he is determined to bring White Christian Civilization to an Apocalyptic End in alliance with his buddies in Iran to cause Christian-Islamic Armageddon, by his evil design to sabotage USA-India Nuclear deal that President George Bush signed with India, as President Bush is 100 times more competent than President Jimmy Carter. The people and Capitol Hill have a choice to make, whether they support the morally Good George Bush or morally Evil Jimmy Carter. The choice that the people of the United States would make, shall determine the fate of the Christian World and would determine whether likes of Jimmy carter would succeed in causing Apocalyptic damage to Christian civilization, with their determined pursuit of End of Time agenda. Apocalyptic teleology of ex-President Democratic Jimmy Carter presents greater threat to the secular WASP Protestant United States than al Qaeda or Osama Ben Laden. It is high time that Republican Neocons should grab the horns of the Evil directly rather than let is cause Armageddon by stealth to establish theocracy in USA. As President, Jimmy carter made United States the laughing stock of the world by his failure to attack Iran to free American embassy staff imprisoned by Ayatollah Khomeini. Was President carter on the payroll of Ayatollah Khomeini that Pentagon did nothing to invade Iran? Many patriotic WASPs consider President Jimmy Carter a traitor for his failure to use force to liberate American embassy officials held prisoners in Tehran. As a diplomat and Commander in Chief president Jimmy carter holds the greatest distinction of formulating most stupid foreign policy during his tenure as the President of USA. With Jimmy Carter as leader and a friend the United States does not need any enemy. So far as foreign policy is considered Jimmy Carter can only be called a Traitor to USA when compared to the patriotic George Bush and Condi Rice. In the eyes of patriotic WASPs in American politics Democrat Jimmy Carter represents the Core of Axis of Evil and on other hand Republican Bush-Condi Rice represent Core of Axis of Virtue. Axis of Evil caused 9/11 Terrorism and Axis of Virtue waged war on Terrorism. The Election of November 2006 and forthcoming November 2008 Elections, provide American Voters a Clear Choice, whether to Vote for Axis of Evil or vote for Axis of Virtue. Remember the 9/11 attacks would not have taken place without the active involvement of Core of Axis of Medieval. Remember the Pure Evil core of Axis of Medieval wants to destroy secular WASP United States just as in 415 AD it destroyed secular Roman Empire to cause European Medieval Dark Age, to engineer in the 21st Century the descent of Looming Global Dark Age on the White Christian Western World, to fulfill the End of Time eschatology of Prophetic Christians. To secular WASPs and patriotic Neocons Jimmy Carter and Osama Ben Laden represents the two sides of same Coin of Evil. Hindu, Buddhist and Pagan Civilizations representing more than 3.5 Billion people denounce the Evil represented by likes of Jimmy Carter as well as Osama Ben Laden. Dear American Voters, please prudently think before you vote on November 7, 2006, it is a vote for or against Evil.
ANTI-BLACK DEMOCRATIC PARTY: From Civil War up to 1964 Democrats were anti-Blacks, anti-Latinos and anti-immigrants. Party of Lincoln, the Republican Party had been pro-Blacks from the Civil war up to 1964. President Carter (1977-1981) and President Clinton (1992-2000) engineered to kick out Blacks and Latinos our of leadership position in the Democratic corridors of power and replaced them by fundamentalist religious leaders and Wall Street donors. In American Elections 2006, the Republican Party is the preferred party of choice for Blacks and Latinos. The Democrat’s Ideology of Medievalism seeks to break the Constitutional Wall that separates the State and the Church in the United States. The Republican Modernism seeks to empower American Blacks vis-à-vis East European immigrants and secures Energy Security of Industrial America by controlling Oil and Gas reserves of the Middle East. If you want to vote for the Party of Church, then vote Democrats. If you want to vote for Pax Americana then vote for Republicans. The choice that you would make shall determine the 21st Century.
Kalki Gaur, Editor World Press Club, Washington DC, October 29, 2006, Sunday, 7:30 PM
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