Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Behind the Scenes: McCain’s VP Selection Process

Sources from within the McCain Presidential campaign have provided enough details to piece together the events surrounding McCain’s selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the Vice Presidency, who accepted McCain’s invitation, saying, in part, “It’s a heavy burden knowing that should Mr. America be unable to fulfill his duties, I, the first runner up, will have to pick up the crown and take over.”

The Arizona Senator was determined to find the best prospect, in a fair and open-minded prospects. “These are all good people,” a senior campaign official told TWAMSIAM. “the Senator wanted all potential veep choices to know, in advance, how they’d be selected.”

It was political consultant Karl Rove who came up with the idea for a pageant. “We Republicans believe in the marketplace. Why not let the finalists compete?”

Most of the campaign staff believed that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney would win, after he captured the Poise competition.

Then attention turned to fit and firm Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who won the swimsuit category.

What happened next was described by McCain himself:

“My friends, when I saw Governor Pelvin in the talent competition, and she came out as the Greek huntress Diana, shooting an arrow at the glass ceiling that so many women have fought, I thought of my own wife Cindy. I thought of Regis and Kelly, I thought of Donald Trump and what’s-her-name, and I thought, no one will see this coming, and doggone it, together Sandy Paulson and I are gonna win this thing.”


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