Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Palin Decries Vicious Quoting Campaign

Saying that she’s “sick and tired of these liberal so-and-so’s in their ivory town cars,” Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin called for an end to “… these tactics by the Democrats who think they can get away with using words that I have said to suggest some terribly malicious things about me, which I think people who have families and care about putting food on the table for the young ones do not want when they have issues of morality. Or I certainly wouldn’t, and I hear what people are telling me.”

In front of 5,000 delighted McCain supporters in Freesport, TN, Palin challenged the Democratic ticket. “If these Democrat guys want to have a fair debate with me over what I meant to say, or what I was really thinking at the time I said the thing, that’s fine. But to take some things when I said them, and then realize how they’re going to raise your taxes, which people just plain don’t want.”

Later, Palin sat down with FOXNews reporter Jan Barbish to explain.
“For instance, when I said that ‘Barack Obama pals around with terrorists,’ I think any Joe Six-Pack or Jill Martini understands what I’m talking about, and it’s not to put anyone in a bad light or suggest a terroristic agenda in specific. But some of these brandy-sniffing, Tiparillo-smoking metrosexual reporter types tend to jump to conclusions.

“Or when I said, ‘We should be devoting our time to talking to the good countries,’ the Leninist-Stalinist-Nazi guys, over on their side with the Obamas, started accusing me of being a bad foreign policy person.

“But, y’know, Jan, it really really doesn’t matter, because I know that, in my heart, I’m the one who wants what’s best for America. That’s why I’ve teamed up with a true Maverick, who won’t raise your taxes like some other people we know. I think the Hockey Moms and the Militia Dads understand me, and they’re the ones who really care about America.”


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God, I really despise Sarah Palin. I don't even know what else to say right now besides the fact that she makes me sick.

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