Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obamafans: When Will Stubborn McCain Concede?

(Racine, WI) Trish Bassett is a software designer for iGot Technologies, which partners with Google, Yahoo, and Kraft Foods to create network synergies. But right now she spends nights and weekends working for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

While she’s glad to see her candidate out in front, she slumps in her chair during a coffee break.

“I can’t believe we have to go through this all over again. What is it with politicians?”

The “this” that Obama’s supporters are “going through,” is once again enduring the long wait for a hopeless adversary to “wise up” and drop out of the race.

“I mean, with Hillary, we almost understood, because we knew she was the queen bitch from Hell. I say affirmations every night that within myself and within the world, may there be peace, but if I saw Hillary walking down the street, I know I’d tear her a new one. At least one. She had some nerve even running for the job.”

Sliding her hands back into the sleeves of her oversized sweater, Trish hugs her coffee cup and continues her lament.

“But McCain’s not Hillary Clinton. He was a prisoner of war, he’s served in the Senate since Coolidge was President, he’s a neat guy. His politics make you gag, but I thought he had enough class to read the writing on the wall.”

Asked if her views were the views of the Obama campaign, Trish suddenly perks up.

“Are you kidding me? Barack would never say anything like that. Oh, at the Racine office, we still have our Hillary dartboard. But Barack, no way. He’s so kind and forgiving, so charming, he doesn’t have it in his heart to think that way.

I mean, all it would take would be one little call. ‘Senator McCain? You’re a good guy and all that, but for the good of the country, how would you feel about suspending your campaign?’ Gentle, like that, because he’s a gentle guy. And yet, very much a man.

“I think that’s what a lot of people don’t understand about Barack. He’s not just someone with good political ideas. He’s someone who’s very tender and caring. And they should just let him take office.”

But, the election’s only a couple weeks away. Can’t Trisha just wait fourteen more days? She sighs.

“I suppose that going through the motions and blah blah blah, doing the actual physical action of slogging through the voting, is something we’ll have to live with. Poor Barack.”


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